Opted for Harry and Hermione whenever they used a period Turner, and to the Shrieking Shack

Hogsmead: went (snuck in) Christmas time holiday: stayed because of Yule baseball Additional: essentially understands she is fully homosexual and contains a crush on Hermione, she ended up being most against it

First year Sorted into: Gryffindor ideal topic: traveling Favorite topic: traveling Favorite instructor: McGonagall Worst matter: Potions Least favorite matter: Potions minimum best instructor: Snape and Quirrel Quidditch: did not bring buddies: Golden trio, Maryann McClarence, Theo Graves, Spencer forest, and associates with Draco Malfoy Christmas trip: remained at Hogwarts, nothing unique took place together with her. Some other: opted for the Golden Trio to truly save the rock and remained behind with Hermione and Ron while Harry battled You-Know-Who. 2nd season ideal subject: DADA preferred topic: Charms preferred teacher: McGonagall evil topic: Potions minimum preferred matter: DADA minimum favored instructor: Lockhart and Snape Quidditch: Chaser company: Golden trio, Maryann McClarence, Theo Graves, Spencer forests, Ollie McClarence, and acquaintances with Draco Malfoy xmas getaway: remained in again Other: kind of started initially to matter the girl sexuality (moreso understood she wasn’t operating like a ‘typical 12 year old girl’ when all her female company mentioned their particular crushes on kids).

Third year Elective subject areas: Astronomy, COMC, Muggle Studies greatest subject matter: DADA specialty subject matter: DADA ideal instructor: Lupin Worst matter: Potions Least preferred subject: Potions minimum preferred instructor: Snape Quidditch: Chaser company: Golden trio, Maryann McClarence, Theo Graves, Spencer Woods, Ollie McClarence and formally turned family with Draco Malfoy Hogsmead: sneaked in with Harry since she don’t become authorization xmas getaway: stayed in Other: fully questions the lady sex as she initiate experience various things about Hermione (failed to really comprehend all of them, but). Found out Lupin had been the woman goodness father together with most combined emotions about Sirius Ebony becoming Harry’s goodness dad. Fourth-year Best subject: DADA preferred subject: Astronomy Favorite teacher: Moody and McGonagall Worst subject: Potions Least selected subject: Potions Least favorite teacher: Snape Quidditch: would not happen that year Friends: Golden trio (but her friendship with Ron becomes strained), Maryann McClarence, Theo Graves, Spencer Woods, Ollie McClarence and developed relationship with Draco Malfoy.

The woman older pal Ollie was at the contest other than Cedric, and she passed away, leading to Mary resenting Julia

Maryann along with her aren’t family at the conclusion of the year, though. She learned she is place in due to a ‘curse/spell’ put on each of them before these people were produced (to help Harry to officially perish, she needed to perish. Their scar symbolized certainly one of this lady ‘lives’ are recinded, she had three of these until she officially died). She made it with the network and a differnt one of the woman resides had been recinded, resulting in another tally-mark-like scar being on the wrist.

Julia decided to go to the Yule Ball with Draco making Harry angry together with her for some time. 5th year Best topic: Astronomy preferred subject: Transfiguration Favorite instructor: McGonagall Worst matter: DADA and Potions Least favorite matter: DADA Least favorite instructor: Umbridge and Snape Quidditch: was a chaser, but used of this team by Umbridge along side the girl cousin https://datingranking.net/green-singles-review/ therefore the Weasley twins. Friends: Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, Ron Weasley (but it is approaching the point where they aren’t excellent pals), Theo Graves, Spencer forest, Draco Malfoy (they truly are close friends but do not chat in front of Golden Trio), and Maryann McClarence (they are relationship try curing as they work it) Hogsmead: sneaks in Christmas getaway: remains Other: not against her sexuality anymore and accepts herself (and thinks she is obsessed about Hermione because their crush enjoys just created).

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